S.T.I.N.C.S. News and Articles

Breast Cancer Awareness Support

One of our clients ImTheComedian.com started a support group for breast cancer awareness. This group started because this issue hit close to home, but is also supporting all those who are directly and indirectly afflicted with this horrible disease. Stay strong, and thank you all for your support.

WorldWideCorruption Entering Next Phase

S.T.I.N.C.S. has been working on a project to bring alternative news and media to the masses called WorldWideCorruption.com. So far that project has gone from an initial development stage project to actually posting multiple articles a day and generating more and more traffic as time goes on. We have integrated the social networking to provide more traffic and create followers of the stories published on the site. This has grown to over 1000 followers.

ImTheComedian.com Website Creation

Secure Tech INC has started working with Im The Comedian in their web presence and online promoting development. We are happy to be working with Isha who is promoting stand-up comedians to perform first at Dolce lounge and other areas in the greater New York City area. Please see Im The Comedians website for the next performance, venue information, and more details about IMC.


STINCS Launches WorldWideCorruption.com

We are proud to present WorldWideCorruption.com

This website was developed to allow authors and contributors to have a place to write and share their opinions about questionable worldwide affairs. The name says it all, worldwidecorruption.com will allow interested readers to see another side and view from that of the mainstream.

Client Faith in Action Deliverance Ministry

We have received a service agreement to build a new website for Faith in Action Deliverance Ministry in the Bronx.

We look forward to building the site they desire and continue to work with them in keeping it up to date. They are a great group to work with and hope to look forward to a long business relationship with them.

Big Screen Entertainment Group (BSEG)

We are happy and pleased to be working on some projects with publicly traded Big Screen Entertainment Group (Stock Symbol: BSEG).  You can find their home website created by us at http://bigscreenent.com. We are currently managing news and updates in multiple areas on the web. Besides updating the news on their websites, we also update on company forums investorshub.com, pinnacledigest.com, investorvillage.com, and a few more. Check them out and see what BSEG can offer you in the entertainment industry.

New Client Bronxwood COG

We have signed up a new client Bronxwood International Church of God. They are using hosting and a template installed and customized and configured by S.T.I.N.C.S. They have various features for users to login and submit text to be read during services that they provide. They can also be automatically submitted to the website as well for all to see, among other features.